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Mediamarkt *argh*
Date: October 8th, 2006 by SiD3WiNDR
Categories: Hardware, Home, Stupid

Went to exchange my TFT with the dead pixel yesterday at Mediamarkt. After queueing in line for about an hour, finally it was my turn. The service department was very friendly, I got my exchange ticket right away. Then I had to go into the store, fetch another monitor to be able to swap it. Alas, no more Syncmaster 920N available (except 3 which also had dead pixels). Can I use this paper I have in my hand here to get one at another Mediamarkt? Yes sir, no problem. Had to run to pick up Diana at her class in Mechelen (and turned up half an hour late there), so we drove through to the Mediamarkt in Antwerp. Where they had the monitors (albeit 20 euro more expensive, which I would have had to pay on top), but they were very sorry to say that I had the wrong kind of paper and they couldn’t take it. Back to Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, no time to bash the people there, just got the right paper and stormed off direction Mediamarkt Basilix, Brussels, hoping they had a monitor there. Again bad luck, it closed at 19.30 (wtf) and I was there at 19.45, thinking it would close at 20.00.

So I’m sitting here, with a 19" CRT and a 19" TFT next to eachother… sigh. Hopefully I can get another identical monitor soon, or I’ll have to bring back the other as well and buy 2 new ones of a different type. :p

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3 Responses to “Mediamarkt *argh*”

  1. SiD3WiNDR’s Homepage » Blog Archive » On the quality of LCD panels Says:

    […] A while ago I bought 2 Samsung TFT’s , which didn’t go without problems. […]

  2. Mr Bean Says:

    Warning about MediaMarkt scam.

    E-Care ref 538008

    I Purchased a 42 inch Toshiba TV from MediaMarkt in Belgium and it went wrong so under the guarantee I asked for the TV to repaired and contacted E-Care in Antwerp who then picked the TV up some two weeks later.

    After several more weeks I contacted E-Care who said they could not get the parts to repair the TV and would send a credit note to MediaMarkt so that I could go and get myself a new TV and since the credit note was ‘In the post’ and I had been without a TV for two months I paid a deposit for a new TV.

    Day after day I contacted MediaMarkt to ask if the credit note had arrived so that I could pick my new TV up only to be told the credit note had not arrived and that they were chasing it up.

    Today some ten weeks later I am still without a TV and have been told that the parts to fix the TV have arrived and I will be getting my old TV returned some time later this week.

    Clearly E-Care and MediaMarkt have been telling Lies and using me as pig in the middle and have failed to provide a reasonable service in taking far too long to fix and return my TV and using deceit as a delaying tactic.

    Does anyone know the legal position on this ?

    I would avoid both companies unless you like being scammed like me.

  3. SiD3WiNDR Says:

    I’ve had both TFT’s replaced instantly at the counter.. or well, exchanged into a voucher for the amount of money, for which I could go in and pick up a new one. This was easy because of the 14-day no-questions-asked return policy though.. warranty would probably be more of an issue.

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