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Upgraded to Jaunty
Date: July 4th, 2009 by SiD3WiNDR
Categories: Linux, Rants

Yesterday, I upgraded my Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 laptop (fresh install) to Jaunty 9.04. Turns out this is a typical non-tested Ubuntu upgrade, as literally everything broke. My wifi is non-functional with the 2.6.28 kernel delivered with 9.04, luckily downgrading to the 8.10 kernel made it work fine. Purged linux-generic and all its descendants, so that’s “fixed”.

Next to that, I logged into KDE only to find the main panel missing. Having no clue how to fix this nor feeling like googling (especially since at that point my wifi did not work), I moved my old .kde out of the way and had it create a new one, so it worked again. Copied over some rc files for frequently used apps so most config could be saved, luckily.

When I “unplug” (turn off) my internal bluetooth adapter, or the laptop goes into suspend meaning the bluetooth sleeps too, the “KDE4 Bluetooth Framework” crashes. Somehow the bluetooth system tray icon still works though, it’s just odd.

I get most notifications a few times now, once in a tooltip popup from the system tray icon, and once in a generic yellow rectangle from KDE, containing the exact same text. How’s that for thoroughness!

The network manager icon no longer shows wifi strengh, it’s now a very ugly icon with some kind of antenna with radio wave circles around. Uergh.

KDE4’s battery manager icon is really fugly, and I mean “FUGLY could have done it better myself in mspaint in 20 seconds FUGLY”. Luckily, apt-get install kpowersave gets me the old power icon back with a way more useful hover tooltip, so I could remove the battery monitor applet.

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2 Responses to “Upgraded to Jaunty”

  1. ghosty Says:

    you use kubuntu? Problem there is that it was always worse than the normal ubuntu, kubuntu was a hack to start with (not officially supported by cannonical) it’s later on that they took it in their “supported versions” but I always had the impression that it’s the weaker brother …

  2. SiD3WiNDR Says:

    Kubuntu is nothing different than Ubuntu, except for the bootsplash screen. And KDE instead of Gnome of course, but the kernel problems are universal. The KDE maintainers seem not do be doing too much indeed.

    Laptop still goes to sleep when I close the lid while I have configured everywhere to “do nothing”. ARRR.

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