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Happy new year!
Date: January 2nd, 2005 by SiD3WiNDR
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Eek, it’s been exactly a month since I last posted something! 😐

First of all, I’d like to wish every one of you a belated merry christmas and a happy newyear! May 2005 bring happiness and joy to everyone 🙂

Had a fun family newyear thingy yesterday… even though I worked from 9:00 to 12:15… I’ve actually been working long all week long to do some network, hardware and serer upgrades… Then to find out on friday, having a terrible headache, that our main fileserver didn’t boot anymore. *argh* Turns out that by moving it, the mainboard got short circuited somehow, which meant I had to put in a replacement… which then meant LILO needed to be updated… so I booted with knoppix… then turned out the software raid for / was fubar… Yayay. Oh, and then I got an SMS telling me that my main personal server (hosting this site for example) was down… It’s in Amsterdam, so yay. Luckily Netholding could reboot it remotely for me, and it got up again. I seriously think it’s time for 2.4.29 by the way.

On a related note to the post below, I’ve decided to keep the steering wheel and do the mod. (For other interested parties, it’s now 28.90 at Makro) We’ll see how it goes after I find someone who can solder it for me 😉

Yesterday Diana arrived in Belgium with a car packed fully with stuff for her new little place.. Yes yes, she’s finally moved to Belgium, and not on holidays :d

Also, I’ve started work again on JTV, a HTPC solution in Java (Linux-only though, due to use of commandline tools) … should rock if I find time to finish it up 😉

I’ll try to post more regularly from now on, when things get organised a little better both at work and on my personal and NetFX infrastructure, I’ll have some more free time hopefully 😉

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