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Another 2 weeks passed by … :o
Date: January 16th, 2005 by SiD3WiNDR
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… so let’s talk about the last week and the upcoming one 🙂

Work’s been pretty busy but going well… I’m still learning a lot at my workplace and I’m expanding the network and services all the time 😀

Scary though, tuesday I have my first official evaluation talk… hopefully all goes well 😉

Went to see “Alexander” last friday… pretty long (almost 3 hours), pretty boring… I wouldn’t recommend to go see it in the theatre… even Angelina Jolie couldn’t really save the day 🙂

Last weekend I acquired the last parts of my RAID setup for boo. 4x200GB disks, 2x80GB disks, and a Promise SATA TX4 controller. The 4 disks are put into a 600GB (well, 560GB) RAID5 for storage, the 2 80GB’ers are replacing a failing 40GB disk (with / on it). Everything is working nicely. Kudos to the Linux md Software RAID maintainers, I can’t afford “real” 3Ware or Adaptec hardware RAID 😉

As far as productivity goes.. I’ve been sorting and moving stuff around here (Dilbeek) to put on the aforementioned RAID drive for further sorting and storing, and by request of HoliemaN I’ve written a mysql-based url redirect thingy for tequila (and NetFX) … Doing this stuff manually takes too much time, and we needed it anyway. 🙂 Other productive stuff is hard on this underpowered 800×600 htpc Celeron 533 with 256MB and a broken Mozila.

I bought a 19 EUR wifi pcmcia card at Belgacom store… nice promo. 19 EUR isn’t a lot of money and… It’s LINUX COMPATIBLE! Yay 😉 I’ll write up another post later on (can’t reach that machine right now for the setup), but it’s powered by an Atmel chip and it’s working… They also sell a USB version, and the Atmel drivers have some USB support, but I can’t guarantee it’ll work on Linux cause I haven’t tested it 🙂

What I also bought, and which I hope will work dandily under Linux is my laptop… 😀 Acer Travelmate 8004LMib, Centrino 1.7GHz, 15″ TFT, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD, Radeon 9700, Cardreader, Bluetooth, Wifi b/g, Gigabit LAN, backpack, extra battery… I hope to receive it somewhere next week. Thanks to Lazernet 🙂

PS: Proximus is #r”éāį!rž#@xz … they kept fucking around with Diana’s subscription.. I won’t get into details, let’s just say it needed 6 visits to the Belgacom store. GRR.

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