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Saving a(n MMS) stream to disk
Date: August 8th, 2007 by SiD3WiNDR
Categories: Computing, Interweb, Software

 Turns out we had an MMS stream that needed to be saved again, I used to have some tool that did that but it wasn’t all that great and in the meanwhile my PC got reinstalled so I went to look for a solution again. Streamripper doesn’t do MMS (or so it seems), so I landed at Swiss Army Knife VideoLAN .

What to do:

  1. Save your ASF file
  2. Open it up in an editor and copy/paste the mms:// url
  3. Open up your commandline (if vlc(.exe) isn’t in your path, change to your VLC directory or type the full path)
  4. vlc -vvv mms://foo –sout file/avi:bar.avi (replace foo by your mms url and bar.avi by your desired output file)

Could it be any easier? 

Probably, but still. 😉 

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6 Responses to “Saving a(n MMS) stream to disk”

  1. Dietrich Says:

    Even shorter: mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile stream.wmv -playlist

  2. SiD3WiNDR Says:

    I suspected mplayer could come into the picture, and I guess there may be a Windows port floating somewhere too.
    In my defense, you’re outputting in wmv and I’m outputting in avi! 😉 (… which are both Microsoft formats, of course, but wmv is just that little more "eww"-y, isn’t it?)

    I was wondering if vlc also supported the asf playlist, though I didn’t test it.

  3. Geert Says:

    tom tom tom :-p
    you just end up with a file that has an avi extention. that’s all. it still is a wmv file. As far as i know vlc only supports mpeg & asf as a container (you should transcode, –sout=#transocode param, it to mpg and than to avi with avidemux (linux) or virtualdub (windows)

    Could it be any easier? Probably 😉

    You should run a "file bar.avi" or "mplayer bar.avi" and check the used codec

  4. SiD3WiNDR Says:

    Okay, so that’s just gay 😉 I’ll just call them .wmv instead then :>

    Latter 2 commands are somewhat harder as this was done for a Windows platform.

    Could it be any easier? Probably -> just download mmsdownloader or whatever tool 😛
    I just wanted to see what I already had installed 😉

  5. Holie Says:

    Zou er niet een simpel one-click programmatje bestaan zoals soundtap, maar dan voor video?

  6. Novendra Says:

    j ai un iphone 3G avec frlbeomiee, tout est ok, mais l option partage internet n apparait pas. Quelqu un sait comment faire svp ?

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